Let's take a journey to Antarctica with Air Force Amanda!

She's a Navigator on the Air Force's coolest plane, the LC-130.

Learn about the continent of Antarctica, first explorers, wildlife and science exploration!

About The Author

I have always wanted to educate and empower children. I joined my love for education and my profession as an Air Force Aviator to bring the “Air Force Amanda’s Adventure” series to life.

I am currently a Major in the New York Air National Guard, and I fly as a Navigator in the coolest of all airplanes, the LC-130H! This unique plane is called the “Ski Bird” because it uses skis as well as wheels to land in austere locations around the globe.

As the LC-130H is the only military airplane with these capabilities, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to explore and learn first-hand flying and living on the continent of Antarctica and Greenland. I’ve used my BS and MS degrees in Childhood Education and Literacy to put together a book that I hope you enjoy.

I currently live in the beautiful surroundings of Upstate New York with my husband Russ, our daughter Amelia, and our dogs Cassius and Havoc.